Large Format Scanners

Large Format Scanner

Large format scanners, also called wide format scanners, are used in various professional and industrial applications such as Reprographics, CAD, GIS, Graphic Arts, Document Archival, Copy shops, POP/Exhibit providers, Pre-Press, Sign and Billboard production, Architecture and Engineering offices and many more.

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There are two basic types of large format scanners, flatbed and sheetfed.  Pretty much all scanner manufacturers that make flatbed scanners, make what they call "large format scanners".  These include Canon, Epson, HP, Microtek and others.  What they are referring to are flatbed scanners with a scanning area of typically 12 by 17 inch or "tabloid size" scanning beds.  Sheetfed large format scanners tend to be much larger with some having the ability to scan items as wide as 54 inches.

This website is being developed to help potential large format scanner consumers compare and contrast various brands and sizes of large format scanners. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Companies that make wide format scanners

Colortrac:   Formed by the merger/buyout of ANAtech, Colortrac, and Tangent Imaging Systems
Altek Corporation (now Vidar)
Canon introduces a large format scanner solution (press release May 1, 2006)
Purup-Eskofot Inc

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