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Colortrac touts themselves as the most experienced designer of the world's most innovative and widest ranging high quality large format scanners.  A pioneer in cost-effective color and monochrome wide format scanners, Colortrac was the first manufacturer to deliver affordable digital image capture for large format copying and wide format archiving applications for graphic arts, construction, engineering, GIS and mapping.

Colortrac large format scanners are selected by discerning buyers for their high speed, productivity and excellent quality imaging for wide format scanning, archiving, copying and printing jobs.  Colortrac large format scanners are available in a range of image widths from 36" to 62", resolution up to 3,600 dpi, in sheetfeed or flatbed formats.  Colortrac wide format scanners use the latest CCD (charge coupled device) or CIS (contact image sensor) digital color imaging technology.

Colortrac is the only large format scanner manufacturer that offers customers the complete choice of wide format scanner technology, formats and interfaces;

  • CIS or CCD image sensor technology
  • sheetfeed or flatbed scanner formats
  • USB2, IEEE 1394 Firewire or ultra wide SCSI connection

  • The company was founded in 1989 to develop digital large format scanning solutions for the Oil exploration industry.  Ten years later, in the third quarter of 1999, Colortrac acquired ANAtech and Tangent Imaging Systems.  The consolidated enterprise benefits from a detailed knowledge base of first-class, patented, wide format scanning technology developed since the early 1980's.  The acquisition significantly strengthened Colortrac capabilities in 2D adaptive thresholding for monochrome images and in closed-loop color calibration technology for scan-to-copy and scan-to-print applications.  Colortrac continues to focus on product innovation in its mission to expand the market for large format scanning and wide format image processing applications.

    Winners of the prestigious Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1999, Colortrac Ltd. is located near Cambridge in the UK, a center of excellence for science and computer technology, and has facilities in Beijing China and Denver USA.

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